Buyers meet sellers

        Various sites apps have been launched with the puch line saying Buyers meet sellers! They sell all kinds of stuff. From techo objects to almost useless things. From ceiling fans to shoes of brand. Fom house furniture to houses and cars. People from every aspect of life visit these sites and make use of these apps. 
     Please do not assume that i am about to discuss advantages or disadvantages of them. I merely want to draw your attention towards the line Buyers meet sellers.
     I do not have a much wide horizon of life, i haven’t been to many places. But where i live, there is place which should also given the same name Buyers meet sellers, that place ia commonly known as Educational institution. But what they sell is , as the other name indicates, education!
      It is a cold and bitter truth and i have tasted it. We have numerous universities and educational instituitions around a small city but neither actually educates impartially. They sell education to those with brilliant minds or brilliant pockets, the rest, can rot , thats all they care. They only let in those, who pay them the hight amount of money.
      While we shop at a jewelry store, what we see before us are perfectly designed objects. Certainly we do not pay attention to what they were before. Someone must have made an effort to seek the beautiful stones, to buy the raw form of gold and silver, to beautifully shape and cut the precious diamonds. Which is why the jewelry shop attracts us so much, because a big amount of effort was given to each and every  object in that one place.
          Hypotheticaly speaking, an educational intituition should be like the jewelry store. Where education and educationists shape the future of country. Where effort is put to bring forth the worthy people. Where they seek not only those with brilliant minds but also those with the possibility of becoming brilliant minds. Unfortunately that does not happen. As a consequence of which, the country lies at the bottom line, development declining with passing time, brain drain rate increases day by day, poverty becoming worse and all street crimes increased to an exponential height.! Suicide becoming the most easiest way to even out the stress!
          That folks, is just because our future , is being sold to unworthy. A dilemma worse than our darknest nightmares. Which we might not realize untill it seeps in our roots and infect our morals. Which it has to some extend already. Our society is deprived of  honesty, affection and satisfaction ! I make a plea to all humanists out there, please do not make education a buisness, please do not sell the future, do not let the useful  minds rot ! Do not let the world get deprived of morals.
         Buyers meet sellers, an incompressible, most malicious truth!
Raise your voice, use your pen!


Fairy tale..!

        Read to children of every era, fairy tales,passed and carried like a precious heritage. With each generation new tit bits added to them beyond perfect. But as we leap beyond the boundaries of castle of our childhood, fairy tales are thought about as unrealistic fantasies which can only be dreamt being a child.
        A false assumption!! I would say. You might think of me as a girl living in dream world but look at ot that way, every person has a story, a part of fairy tale. A fantasy close to his heart, and the bars of physical agejust do not matter.
       You will surely agree with me if I ask you to close your eyes for a moment and imagine your dearest most desired wish. A wistful smile will definitely spread across your face and the longing for i will soak your heart. THAT! My fellows, is your fairy tale!
         Fairy tale doesn’t really has to have fairies or beautiful girls in them. Just like Jack’s story in the classic “Jack and the bean stalk”. Jack’s dream was to end his poverty and so happened. Synonyms of Jack’s story are spread around each one of us. Might as well be hidden within us. All we need to do is to realize and make an effort.
         Yes! I l know, prince charmings do not walk around with horses these days and dream girls do  not come to dances in magical dresses. All that is not reality, i agree. But what we should do is to open our eyes and minds so we see the prince behind that stretched helpful hand, the dream girl concealed in shy smile and ta da ! Your fairy tale comes to life!
         The magic will happen, birds will talk to you, animals will sing. Trees will dance with each step you take. The sun, the moon, and the beautiful twinkling stars will shine like never before !!
         Haven’t found your tale yet? Or think you have lost it? Remember how bad you, as a kid, felt when snow in “snow white”  was lost in forest? When dwarfs thought, she died? When Cinderella’s magic endes at 12 midnight? When wolf ate Red riding’s granny? When witche cut Rapunzel’s hair?
          All of them, at some point, thought they have lost everything. But every midnight is the begning of a new day. Slowly the sun emerges. The leaves crying all night sparkle with dew drops.
          The new beginings are born in the darkest of hours.
          Your fairy tale is forming the new hope you were longing for. Your fairy tale shall come true.
          Consistency of youe steps, belief in your heart and focus in your sight will ensure it. A Cinderella is born each day, a Jack fights the giant often, a Snow white finds her love daily and a Red riding hood meets her loved ones every minute.
So? Which one is your fairy tale??? 🙂