Overlapping worlds

              The World, expresses the place we live in, a place representing all beings living in it. Most divrse in its forms and various other aspects, the world is magnanimous. If we drive ourselves out of our minds and think about “the world”, we come to imagine people around, in contact with us somehow.
In other words, even if we keep self centrism aside, we can only wonder about what we have seen, met or felt and nothing beyond it. Again relating only to ourselves. It will not be peculier if we call the world as our world ,or more legitimately, my world !
       Everything we see, everybody we meet, everything we sense around us, is present there only and only because of us. All the things lying in front of us, came into being for us. Even the very minute objects like the weather, people, scenery, situations exist because we exist. They were created to be part of our life.
       We are the centres of our universes !!
    Let us imagine that you are sitting in your college ground amongst your friends, laughing at some, sipping a strawberry shake, enjoying the breeze on your face and watching the people come and go. If tjis theory is correct, then your friends, all passers by and every other being in that vicinty came there just to be seen by you, to become a minute part of your life. The breeze ia for your sake. The fruit in your shake for grown for you! It is as simple as that. This is your world. And everything in it is for you.
     Now that we have the concept of my world , it imployes that there are billions of worlds within this big world. Every person we meet, its a whole complete world within them. As we meet up, we come accross new stories, new experiences, new choices and a very new perspective. Our worlds overlap. And it was very rightfully said by Anais Nin that
Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born untill they arrive and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. !!
      Another quote which we have read often,
People cross our path for a reason !!
Yes, this is also correct. People cross our path to be part of our life. Our worlds overlap. They give us their perspective. They come and go for reasons which we may not understand at that time but  eventually realise. That’s what overlapping worlds is about.
So, to be straight forward and optimistic, we live in our own worlds. We are centre of our own universe. Everything in it is ours. Don’t be afraid to live the way your want. But don’t forget to overlap these worlds 😉