There are no coincidences

  “Well, look who I ran into,” crowed coincidence!
“Please,” flirted Fate, “this was meant to be”.


I wholeheartedly agree to Fate. Fate laterally means, what’s written and has to happen , no matter what the situation.
Destination is reached, path is followed, hurdles oblige, tears and laughters follow. Only because they were meant to be that way.
No matter how much we try, we an never alter what is meant to be.  No amount of hurry, anxiety, worry or fear can change a person’s fate.
Although it is a bold statement to make but yes…. There are no coincidences.!!!
“Coincidence is a God scheduled opportunity” says Scott Hamilton.
That coincidence was carved accross the stretches of our life long before we set ypon our journey.
We grieve upon loss, people,money and various most temporary animates in our life. Remorse makes us believe that we could’ve done something to save pr stop someone. We could’ve done much better. And while blaming others in often situations, we believe that it was their fault. They caused hurt, betrayed or left.
Blatently speaking, it is nobody’s mistake. The only being responsible for our happiness, misery, opportunity and destiny is fate. People were meant to give us a lesson, message. When their purpose is fulfilled, they ease to exist.
People never come and go as they please. Fate controls them as well. Our Fate!!! Our possessions are never oura. They belong to our fate.
As James Redfeild writes
“I don’t think tgat anything happens by coincidence… No one is here by accident. Everyone who crosses our path has a message for us or they would’ve taken another path or left earlier or later. The fact that these people are here means that they are here for a reason”

” i had an accident, i ran into her accidentally, i accidentally dropped…” All these phrases means nothing. Anything that happened, even most minute things such as rolling of stone has its reasons in the long run.
Understanding reasons and extracting logic is not priority. Believing is the only solution.
As Nancy Thayer writes
“The universe ia always speaking to us, sending us little messages, causing coincidences and serenpiditis. Reminding us to stop ,to look around, to believe in something else, something more”
Whatever happens was meant to be, even our victories and mistakes. There were never any accidents. Coincidences were planned.
The only ingredient to success and serenity is belief.
Angela Gwinner was right in saying
“There are no coincidences. The soul seeks its own path”


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