The silence prevailed!

Thousands of words were uttered,
Millions of tears shed,
Not a single soul stirred,
Only the silence prevailed!

Her words had lost meaning,
The laughter completely hollow,
When her heart held still,
Only the silence prevailed!

He wanted to say much more,
And struggled every time,
Fate was , Alas! , nor fortunate,
And the silence prevailed!

It might have been better,
It could have been worse,
But it was for the best,
Whenever the silence prevailed!

As wonderful as it can be,
As harsh as a bitter truth,
It echoed all the secrets,
When the silence prevailed!

Many came and went,
Bodies died each minute,
Literal perished were souls,
In whom the silence prevailed!

Sensless speeches blabbered,
Worthless moments spent,
Neither were able to heal,
And the silence prevailed!
                                        24,March 2016.


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