The world of betrayal


Thousands of words within,
Neither of them spoke,
Silence hung around,
Thousand dreams awoke!

Neither him, nor her,
Knew what it was,
They loved untill apart,
Understood their loss!

He wished he saw before,
The fire in her eyes,
Though she often denied,
Through a stream of lies!

They stared at the moon,
Daily, through the night,
Neither even aware that,
They prayed same light!

But something always happens,
That none ever expects,
Fate mingles with prayers,
And love always accepts!

They lost what they had,
An unconditional love,
Were strewn far away,
In a moment’s bluff!

The unsaid promises,
The hearty vows,
Nothing saves those,
Who relent with bows!

Their laughter still rings,
In the empty corridoors,
Their story still heard,
By strangers accross shores,

They exist far apart,
In newest of worlds,
Their hearts still beating,
With echoes of words!

The bitter most truth,
The blood drenching desire,
They never belonged together,
In the world of betrayal!

30, July 2016