The form of things unknown

Some moments cannot be explained in words yet here we are trying to give words to something that has taken place, something that has no material value but it exists. It surrounds us like the warm breeze from the sea! Like the blue in the ocean, like the rays from a rising sun, like the smell of a blooming flower.
Beyond this world of matter, another place exists. I believe, this body is not the only form we have. Human body is the only material form of the soul. Just as the leaves, the fruit, the branches even the fallen leaves and twigs are all different forms of a tree, synonymously, the body is the form of a soul. Imagination is another part of it. It exists, not in the material form but in the form of ideas.
Lancelot Whyte in his essay, “Where do bright ideas come from?” discussed that the ideas and imagination is divine, they are a gift of God. No science has yet been able to identify and track the reactions taking place in the central nervous system that lead to the formation of imagination. Imaginative world is diverse and dynamic in its own way. It is a complete life bottled up inside an instant. You can turn it on and off but sometimes it takes a lot of effort to stay quiet.
However, I believe differently! As I already discussed that imagination is a form of our soul, it must exist somewhere. The things that we imagine are already taking place. We often hear a retort that it’s “only in the head. If that’s so then brain is a place too and much intelligent entity. Everything happening in the brain carries out our activities. If imagination is only in the head then it is happening in reality. “Only in the head” is a feeble excuse of those who aren’t brave enough to acknowledge imagination. Not everyone can handle the irrevocable events of it. They have got to have a heart for it.
Imagination is strong like the force of gravity. It has complete ability to pull you inside. It sometimes blesses a human with such moments of shear emotions that we forget how to resurface.
Richard Wagner, the famous music composer writes about his experience. Falling into a trance like state, he suddenly felt as though he were sinking in a mighty flood of water.
“Trance like state” is the highest form of imagination. One stops existing in this world but he does not know where he is for our knowledge about other worlds is limited yet he travels there and feels, if not completely then at least tastes it.
“… imagination bodies forth, the form of things unknown….” -Shakespeare.
God has blessed each one of us with the power of imagination. We are too busy running our material world that we ignore the when our subconscious calls us. Body might not need it, but soul needs to visit its world from time to time. Be brave to acknowledge its presence. Immerse yourself in it, let it drown you. But know when to resurface!

“The night was silent and eerie, only the sound of breaths echoed. My beats were synchronized with another and I was aware of the fact. The satisfaction was unmentionable. If in that moment, I had died, I wouldn’t have felt the pain of it. I wasn’t in the material world at that time. It was sublime”


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